The Heavens


A PROJECT BY GABRIELE GALIMBERTI AND PAOLO WOODS Tax havens have quietly taken the world by storm. More than half of world trade now passes through these places. They are in the news every day, and are fast becoming a … Continue reading



MY COUCH IS YOUR COUCH Stories of 100 couchsurfers around the world CouchSurfing is the act of trading hospitality, practiced by the over 2 million members of the CouchSurfing network present in 230 countries worldwide. A CouchSurfer will stay at … Continue reading

Toy Stories

Maudy - Kalulushi, Zambia

If Gabriele Galimberti had happened to shoot me, aged 6 and surrounded by my favorite toys, he would have seen the following: plastic medieval weaponry; assorted Lego (Space, Castle and Pirate); an inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex (punctured slowly into extinction); a Superman action … Continue reading

In Her Kitchen


Eat, Eat, Eat!!! From Grandma with love I will never forget grandma Sara’s artichokes. They have become a cult since when a famous Spanish cooking blog published their recipe, which I transcribed from memory, following the thread of the taste … Continue reading

Happiness is…

Jillionaire - New York

Religions promise it, advertisers sell it and self-help books explain it, but happiness remains elusive and the subject of much speculation. Hemingway famously quipped, “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.” Gabriele Galimberti has set out to … Continue reading

Mirrors and Windows

Mickayla, 23 - London, U.K.

Girl’s Bedrooms: Mirrors and Windows Getting to see girls’ bedrooms must have been a teenage obsession for the members of the all-male photographic collective Riverboom. Now that they have more or less grown up, they have decided to transform that … Continue reading

En Plein Air

Rio de Janeiro

EN PLEIN AIR By Gabriele Galimberti & Edoardo Delille In Rio de Janeiro, sports are life – and life is not a spectator sport. Little playing fields steal back space from the asphalt and traffic circles, defying cars and buildings … Continue reading


Port-au-Prince, Haiti   -    Jump with Paolo Woods

The project “Zompi” of Gabriele Galimberti is extraordinary. First of all because in a time of Internet and Photoshop Gabriele could have easily done this entire work sitting in his living room. But Gabriele actually did go to over 50 … Continue reading

Local Celebrities

Ron Adness

If you google Lady Gaga you will get almost 800 million results. His teenage fans in Jakarta adore Justin Bieber, in the same way as in Medellin and Seattle. Lindsay Lohan’s misfortunes are followed in real time by millions of … Continue reading

G.I. Jane’s other war

CandiceNew Haven, Connecticut

One out of every three american women soldiers serving in Iraq or Afghanistan has been the victim of sexual abuse on the part of male u.s. soldiers. ‘and 71 to 90% say they were the object of harassment by their … Continue reading

The blond twins of Mengele

Joao Paolo and Joana Vittoria

Twins occur normally once in every 80 pregnancies. Here, however, one in five pregnancies typically results in twins – 20% of the population, most with blond hair and blue eyes. Welcome to the Brazilian town of Candido Godoi (Rio Grande … Continue reading